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Czech Property Market, www.eCPM.cz, is a specialist B2B portal providing a detailed one-stop Internet presentation of current opportunities to immediately invest in property in the Czech Republic.

  • A unique structured database of thousands of current and verified opportunities to invest in property (not only) in the Czech Republic.
  • Municipalities, regional authorities, churches or private owners offering their property for renovation, sale or rental.
  • An interactive business platform integrating the major real estate businesses in the Czech Republic.
  • A multimedia gallery of the latest development projects in the Czech Republic.
  • A valuable source of up-to-date information, analyses, trends and statistics from reputable companies in the industry.
  • A wide range of customised on-line services for active portal users.
  • Public section – an effective tool for communication between investors and the public.
  • All important information about current real estate developments in the Czech Republic available on a single website.
  • A community portal of professionals in development, real estate, construction and related industries.

Mission of the portal:

  • Providing potential investors with the latest information about property currently offered by owners for sale or rental.
  • Creating a platform where sellers and buyers can meet and share demand and supply information about investment in property.
  • Informing both professionals and the general public about current developments in the Czech construction industry, plans and intentions of individual investors, developers etc.

The portal content for subscribers is based on four main pillars:

1. Investment Opportunities

  • A one-stop Internet location for a comprehensive, detailed and database-structured offer of thousands of current, specific and individually verified data about immediate opportunities to invest in the construction or renovation of property (land, buildings, brownfields etc.) currently offered by municipalities, regional authorities, state, churches or private owners. The database is continuously updated with information about new investment opportunities gathered from a number of reliable sources.

2. Gallery of Business Profiles

  • Gallery of companies – portal subscribers, businesses operating in an industry related to property: investors, developers, contractors to developers, subcontractors, companies providing financial or insurance services, service companies (asset management, facility management etc.), specialists (architects, designers, appraisers, advisors etc.), companies providing individual services to investors – physical entities, e.g. in their free time (accommodation, transport, leisure activities etc.).
  • The business profiles take the form of images or video presentation. The presentations serve to showcase the scope of business activities and achievements of individual active users of the CPM portal, in particular to their potential trading partners as well as professionals and the general public. ‘The first league’ of real estate businesses at the CPM portal.

3. Gallery of Investor Projects

  • Businesses, especially investors and developers, use this section to showcase their construction achievements in residential construction projects, buildings for commercial and leisure use, shopping centres, technology parks, industrial estates etc. The projects can be sorted by status – completed, under construction or planned.

4. CPM Marketplace

  • The marketplace at the portal is an interactive site featuring offers of property owners ready for sale/rental, investor requests and specific investor demand for contractors providing construction or other works and services in the real estate sector. The CPM Marketplace section also contains offers for sale of recently completed commercial premises (New residential premises are offered in the Public section since the general public is the final target group for new housing projects).
  • Investment opportunities in the CPM Marketplace section may be searched using e.g. the Auctions or Tenders attributes. The CPM Marketplace allows subscribers to access the Analyses, trends, statistics subsection. Its up-to-date and highly professional content regarding the trends and developments in the Czech and foreign real estate sector is supplied by leading experts in the real estate sector both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The portal further contains a broad spectrum of valuable information suited, in particular, for investors and other professional users, including overviews of zoning maps and price maps of selected municipalities, tenders or auctions of municipal property as well as an Events calendar, Industry news etc. The portal’s wide range of customised or special on-line services includes, among others, monitoring of PR articles on individual CPM portal subscribers, option to update your presentation whenever and however required, individual emailing, various forms of priority listings in search results, banners and other formats of Internet advertising, sponsorship of sections/subsec­tions at the portal etc.

The main features of the portal include offers of products and services to CPM subscribers with various subscription periods, an option to make a one-off purchase of individually selected CPM products and services, and an offer of special premium services (priority listings, context advertising, banner and other advertising, sponsorship of portal sections).

Although the portal is primarily a B2B project, it has been extended to include a section for the public since it is the public who are deeply interested in (and sometimes concerned about) construction projects in their area, in the changes expected by both construction companies and the public and in potential impacts of construction works on the lives of people residing in their vicinity. The portal thus provides its active users with an excellent opportunity to communicate with the public about the issues at hand.

The target groups of users of the CPM portal’s content and services include, in particular, Investors (developers, investment funds, PPP, real estate funds, real estate businesses, REIT’s etc.),Fi­nancial institutions (banks, savings banks, building societies, mortgage banks, leasing or factoring companies etc.), Contractors (for construction works, buildings, interior/exterior works, utilities, crafts, services, facility management etc.), providers of services for investors (accommodation, transport, restaurants, services, leisure activities etc.), municipalities, regional authorities, churches (primary source of information about investment opportunities in the Czech Republic).

The portal stands out in the Czech market by offering unique opportunities to active users:

  • Presenting their company, products, services and projects among the top businesses in the Czech real estate market,
  • Having 24-hour on-line access to the largest database of structured information about current opportunities to invest in property in the Czech Republic,
  • Using the portal as a professional Internet platform for networking among industry partners, as the first Internet site to visit when offering or looking for something in the property business,
  • Using the portal as a communication platform to successfully influence the public,
  • Taking advantage of the wide spectrum of customised services.

If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do not waste your time and money by searching elsewhere.
Always go straight to www.eCPM.cz.

The www.eCPM.cz portal is operated by AVÍZO, a.s. (the company’s legal predecessor was established in January 1990).

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